SAP EHS Interview Questions and Answers

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Interview Questions (25)

Q1. What is SAP EHS?


SAP EHS is a software that was developed to effectively manage occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the overall safety of employees, products, and the organization. It enables the integration of safety and health tasks in the enterprise’s existing business processes. The software enables organizations to be legally compliant, decrease costs, and lower risks at the same time. It provides a comprehensive solution for the management of the environment, health, and safety of the overall organization.

Q2. Why do we need SAP EHS?


Below are the few benefits of the SAP EHS which will explain why every industry needs SAP EHS:

  • Management leadership, commitment, and accountability.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Facility and equipment design, construction management.
  • Information and documentation development.
  • Personnel and training.
  • Assessment, feedback, and improvement.
  • Product and supply chain stewardship.
  • Community awareness and emergency services.
  • Incident investigation and Analysis.
  • Offers third-party services.
  • Management of change.

Q3. What are all the features of SAP EHS?


  • Basic Data and Tools ( EHS-BD)
  • Hazardous Substance Management ( EHS-HSM)
  • Product Safety ( EHS-SAF)
  • Waste Management (EHS- WA)
  • Dangerous Goods Management ( EHS-DGP)
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety( EHS-IHS)
  • Occupational Health ( EHS-HEA)

Q4. Define Product Safety in SAP EHS?


Product safety is a sub-module of the SAP EHS, that helps organizations to manage chemicals, substances, and materials, etc. Product safety can be done with the help of a specification information system.

Q5. Characterize Dangerous Goods Management


With the assistance of the Dangerous Goods Management module in EHS, we can oversee unsafe merchandise important information in SAP and furthermore characterize different checks which should have been performed while offering, delivering and taking care of perilous products.

SAP EHS Training

Q6. Explain industrial hygiene and safety?


The Industrial hygiene and safety is a sub-module of SAP EHS that allows the organization to define its work area, assess risk associates, record exposures and survey chances related to specific exposures and work.

Q7. What is squander administration in SAP EHS?


SAP EHS squander administration empowers you to deal with and arrange the modern waste while going along to the government, state and worldwide waste gauges.

Q8. How to alter a squander transporter?


Utilize exchange code WAA20 to alter squander transporter.

Q9. What is Waste Management in SAP EHS?


SAP EHS waste management permits you to handle and dispose of the economic waste at the same time as complying to the federal, nation and worldwide waste standards.

Q10. Define the company health centers?


Company health centers are the key components of the SAP EHS, they often work together with external partners and also sometimes offer treatment for the persons who are not the employee of an organization. The SAP component central business partners include business partners and external persons.

Q11. How To Alter Unsafe Substance Ace?


If it's not too much trouble utilize exchange code HSMD keeping in mind the end goal to alter perilous substance ace.

Q12. What are the six types of workplace hazards  ?


The following are the six types of hazards used in the workplace;

  • Safety hazards
  • Biological hazards
  • Physical hazards
  • Economical hazards
  • Workload hazards
  • Chemical hazards

Q13. As an EHS administrator position, for what reason do you wish to leave your present occupation?


Regardless of what you say, do not say negative things about your manager; neither should you say anything about more cash being the reason. The reason is basic; on the off chance that you are leaving an organization in view of cash to go to theirs, you will abandon them to proceed onward to another in the event that it guarantees a superior paycheck.

Your most solid option is to say it on obligation and test and how your past position needs to be difficult for you enough. Demonstrate that you long for greater duty and how what you bring to the table exceeds the obligation and test postured by your previous position.

Q14. How do headers and footers act when you work with incorporates?


The headers and footers of incorporate are overlooked when it incorporates are added to the ace format. The headers and footers of incorporate must not contain incorporates.

Q15. What is A Safe Work Permit?


A safe work permit allows organizations to report fundamentally about the riskiness that arises during the time of work and also safety measures to be taken to get rid of the same.

Q16. What OHS, as well as additional HSE Qualifications, Do You Have?


I have NEBOSH confirmation, BCLS accreditation, Helicopter submerged escape affirmation and firefighting certificate. I additionally hold a specialized certificate in HSE, frame the Professional well being establishment partnered with the OSHA.

Q17. What is incident management in SAP EHS?


An incident management solution in SAP EHS offers the following benefits;

An enterprise-wide platform that manages and supports the business processes for event recording, corrective action triggers, reporting, monitoring, investigation for safe and healthy environments.

Q18. Which SAP applications can be integrated with the SAP EHS?


The SAP EHS successfully integrate with the below SAP modules such as;

  • SAP material management (SAP MM)
  • SAP FI (Finance)
  • SAP PM(Product maintenance)
  • SAP HR (Human resources)
  • SAP document management system

Q19. What are EHS policies?


Health and safety written policies in a strong and effective environment are considered as a foundation for successful and sustainable EHS programs. In a few cases, the EHS policies establish the minimum requirements for the organizations.

Q20. As EHS director position, how would you react to working under strain?


The quintessence of this inquiry is to test your level-headedness, capacity to tackle issues, and remaining consistent with the undertaking, even in negative conditions. Give a case of a period where you were looked at with a test and what you did to cure the circumstance. All the while, feature how you were quiet and in charge till everything was alright.

Q21. What encounter do you have regarding this specific EHS Manager position?


Talk about specifics that identify with the position you are applying for. In the event that you know you don’t have much involvement in the activity you are applying for, anticipate this inquiry early and guarantee you can give some relatable illustrations in light of what you have done. All questioners will acknowledge certainty and pride in the work encounter you have earned and your energy in exchanging these profitable aptitudes for your future part or position.

Q22. As EHS director position, what are your shortcomings?


Transform this inquiry into a quality inquiry in the mask. For example, say something like “I don’t care about not being tested at work” or you could specify a shortcoming that has nothing to do with the activity and that you can overcome with preparing. Thus, you wind up transforming this possibly dubious inquiry into a positive one.
Now and again, you might have gotten some information about specific difficulties you looked at in your past position. On the off chance that you are made this inquiry, lean towards the issue that happened right off the bat in your transporter and that you could explain. Try not to attempt to accuse others; simply distinguish the issue and the part you played in illuminating it.

Q23. As An EHS chief, what is Your Administration Style?


Attempt to evade marks. A portion of the more typical marks, similar to dynamic, consultative, enticing, can have a few implications or portrayals relying upon which administration master you tune in to. The situational style is protected, in light of the fact that it says you will oversee as indicated by the circumstance, rather than one size fits all.

Q24. What is your most noteworthy quality in the EHS chief position?


This could be an exceptionally basic inquiry in the event that you are set up for it. You simply need to discuss the qualities that you know would be of an incentive to the organization.

Q25. What are the roles and responsibilities of the SAP EHS consultants?


As Health and safety environment engineers they are responsible for leading programs that protect the civilians around the world from any kind of environmental hazards, workplace hazards, and likewise. (protect the environment from human hazards).

Q26. What are the key capabilities of the SAP EHS?


The following are the major key capabilities of the SAP EHS:

  • SAP EHS enables organizations to maintain their employee health and safety functionalities.
  • Product safety and stewardship functionality.
  • Environmental compliance management functionality.
  • Product and Reach compliance functionality.
  • SAP best practices for Analytics packages in sustainability
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